3 days 2 nigths

3 days / Gran Lençóis

Complete package of three days and two nights, including airport transfer hotel Sao luis, overnight in são luís, transfer são luís- barreirinhas, hotel in barreirinhas, tour to the Lençois Maranhão, tour for cabure, transfer barreirinhas são luís.
• Those who intend to visit the National Park in their own 4x4 vehicle need to request authorization for the administration of ICMBio in Barreirinhas.
• The sale, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs in the National Park is prohibited.
• Motorized vehicle traffic over the open dune field is prohibited.
• It is forbidden to make campfires, to raise barbecues or a stove.
• It is forbidden to enter the National Park on quads, motorcycles, buggies, as well as conducting endurance and / or rallys.


todo o ano (3 days)



Place of departure



español ingles, portugues italiano

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800 R$ por pessoa