trekking in the lençois maranhenses

2 days / Gran Lençóis

departure from Barreirinhas at 9:00 am by speedboat towards atins village next to the atlantic ocean, where we will make a short 3 hour hike to the corner and where we will enjoy the lagoons and dunes on the way, watch the sunset on the dunes in front to a small hotel where we will have dinner and overnight, at 4:00 am. we will go out to the blue lagoon 7 hours of walking between dunes and lagoons, we will bathe in the lagoons to refresh, we will have a dip in the blue lagoon at 1 pm to have lunch in the rustic restaurant, then we will return to the blue lagoon to enjoy the lagoon circuit watch the por and return to Barreirinhas. service end.


todo o ano (2 days)



Place of departure

a escolher



español.ingles, portugues italiano

Electricity / communication



900 R$ por pessoa