trekking in the lençois maranhenses

3 days / Gran Lençóis

Three-day hike
We will leave the barreirinhas at a time to choose, we will arrive at the village of atins where we will spend the first day after a short 3 hour walk through vegetation until entering the national park of Lençóis Maranhão, we will watch the sunset after dinner and sleep in hammocks ,
At 4 in the morning we will leave for a great downtown destination, an 8-hour walk.
We will arrive and make lunch, then we will rest until five in the afternoon to watch the beautiful sunset in the dunes next to the oasis.
We will have dinner after dinner and rest to go to the beautiful lagoon destination 7 hours walk.
Arriving at the beautiful lagoon, we will have lunch and rest until three in the afternoon and then enjoy the lagoons of the circuit until sunset.
Then return to Barreirinhas.


todo o ano (3 days)



Place of departure

a escolher



español.ingles, portugues italiano

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1180,00 R$ pessoa