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Come and visit Parque Nacional dos Lençois Maranhenses, your dreams begins here!

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tour in boat
From170,00 R$ por pessoa
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Preguiças River

tour in speedboat
FromR$ 100 p/pessoa
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Gran Lençóis

off road tour
From R$100,00 / pessoa R$ 120,00/ pessoa R$ 160,00 por pessoa
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atv pequenos lençois

FromR$ 400
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most wanted

Sub titulo...

900 R$ por pessoa

trekking in the lençois maranhenses


departure from Barreirinhas at 9:00 am by speedboat towards atins village next to the atlantic ocean, where we will make a short 3 hour hike to the corner and where we will enjoy the lagoons and dunes...

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1180,00 R$ pessoa

trekking in the lençois maranhenses


Three-day hike
We will leave the barreirinhas at a time to choose, we will arrive at the village of atins where we will spend the first day after a short 3 hour walk through vegetation until entering...

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